ABAGO CONSULTING will target small and medium sized firms. With today’s unpredictable political and economic environments, it is increasingly difficult for entrepreneurs to successfully start new businesses and for existing small and medium sized businesses to remain profitable. Our services will differ from our competitors in that ABAGO CONSULTING will offer creative, innovative, and effective solutions to business problems. Too many consulting firms try to develop standard models to solve key business problems. ABAGO CONSULTING realizes that business problems have a variety of solutions; what may be right for one business would not necessarily meet the needs of another business.

Market Feasibility Studies

We develop market feasibility studies for businesses that want to market new products or technologies. Some of these companies are looking for government funding to commercialize the technology or product. Our market feasibility studies include a full assessment of potential markets, competitive analysis, and the financial viability of commercializing the product.


Business Plans

We will develop full business plans for start up and existing businesses requiring financing,introducing new products, entering new markets, and restructuring.


Business Development and Growth Services

We assist our clients to grow their Market businesses, both organically and through the auspices of merger and acquisitions (M&A). The over-arching objective is to streamline the business, maximise profit for our clients and deliver quality products/services to the market.


Seminars and Workshops

We will offer seminars to small and medium sized businesses. The seminars will focus on key management issues for small and medium sized operators such as market analysis, product commercialization, how to write a business plan, marketing strategies, customer service etc. Attendance will vary but should average 20 to 30 people each. The workshops will be developed to help small and medium sized businesses write business plans. Workshops will be held in the evenings and on weekends making it easier for busy operators to attend.


Requirement gathering, analysis and reporting

We make sure that management’s requirements are effectively translated into technical instructions for the technical teams. This is the fulcrum on which ultimate customer satisfaction rests.


Process design and implementation

Under the direction of top management, ABAGO CONSULTING will design product/service processes in accordance with the best industry standards. We will ensure that implementation has as little disruptive impact on productivity as possible.